Tuesday, November 3, 2009

D'oh!!!!!!! What a doof........another forehead slap...

Guess what!!!

I have been building housings in my "workshop" for ~3 weeks,each time getting better and better and getting the case more square and the welding lines are much better...
SO,about 2 months ago I bought a small(ish) aluminum project box from Radio Shack.I set it on one of the work benches and forgot about it because I was going to use it for the power supply case..
I have been wasting time,money,and everything else..I have like four more 12-24" aluminum sheets,that I dont need now..
ALL I have to do is go on Ebay and buy the Radio Shack boxes..
AND,it works out to being the same cost for materials,but the hours put into the "handmade" boxes is just nowhere near worth it...

SO,now that I have a PERFECT housing,this mod should take off...I expect it being done by the end of this month.

I will still have to make the back plate,which will act as the heatsink(just like the Meade DSI's),but other than welding these new boxes seams to seal the box airtight,that is all I need to do.
So now I can work on the various frames for each model Canon.
I have also figured out a way to build this mod for the REVERED 350D!!The 400D as well!!!!!

All in all,I am exstatic that this turn of events will work in my favor,but am still a tad upset that I have been wasting time...

I do have a serious procedure coming up at the middle of December..I am getting a Fusion on two levels of my lower back.
So,I want to have the mod done and working before then so I can be working on website building,marketing,research-&-troubleshooting the cams,and if I am feeling well enough,getting some images with the cams.

I am very happy too that the new housing will only need to be polished to be a finished product.I am thinking this will actually look quite nice.Of course the inside will be flat black to reduce/eliminate any internal reflections.
I am still working on how best to seal the cam's front,behind the Canon EOS adapter.I am thinking for now a simple UV Filter will work well enough.But for future models I am thinking that a 2" Baader IR-Block filter will work best...and will be a good selling point.

I am possibly getting a new XSi from my Father,and will hopefully have both the XS and XSi models working in the next 3 weeks.
If I dont get it done I will only be out for ~2 weeks...but I would REALLY love to get these made by X-mas...it would be a great stocking stuffer(yes,they are that small!!!!)....

Anyways,I have copied this message onto my Blog.

Thanks for reading this loooong message..

Brent Oliver
HyperCams & Mods

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