Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dual Filter System used by most newer model DSLRs.Canon and some Nikons.

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on with my latest post!
This is an image showing how the Dual Filter System of your newer Canon models works.
This is applicable to any cam from the 400D and newer!(so, XTi,XS,XSi,T1i,T2i,T3,T3i,T4i,40D,50D,60D/60Da,7D,5DmII/mIII,1D(s) Mark III/IV/1Dx,etc,etc)

The front filter is the stock IR/UV Block filter. This filter remains intact for the mod.
The filter we remove/replace is LPF-2 only. That is for a "Standard" type mod where an IR/UV Block Filter is left INside the camera.(You would only remove both filters if you wanted a Full Spectrum Mod...otherwise, LPF-1 will ALWAYS remain intact for any other mods!)

So, if it stays intact after modification, why on earth would you want to spend big $$$ on a replacement filter that does the same thing???

You can install a Baader, AstroDon, Astronomik, or even a CLEAR Glass filter in place of LPF-2, and they will all perform EXACTLY alike.
The only purpose an LPF-2 replacement has is to keep AF calibrated. That is it.

Baader has redone their FBCF-400D filter to now be a much heavier/better IR/UV Block Filter, now called the Baader BCF-1 Filter.
This filter, when used in combination with the stock LPF-1 filter, provides COMPLETE IR blocking!
This system WILL perform slightly better than a system with: 1) only LPF-1, 2) LPF-1 + Clear Glass, 3) LPF-1 with older Baader FBCF-400D, 4) possibly even better than the new AstroDon filter(unsure as I am unable to test this filter..)
Point is still the same. Replacing LPF-1 with nothing, or a clear glass filter(to retain AF calibration) will still perform nearly identically to a BCF-1 system.
LPF-1 alone, or LPF-1 and Clear Glass system allows approximately = 0.01% IR transmissions.....
Baader BCF-1 + LPF-1 = approximately 0.0001% IR transmissions...
The difference of 0.01% and 0.0001%...are you really going to notice this????
99.999999% of users will never notice this.

Hope you find this useful!!And do not let ANYone tell you "you HAVE to buy the AstroDon filter because it is sooo much better"..Baader/AstroDon/Astronomik, doesnt matter. If they work just as good as a $30 Clear Glass filter, why spend 3-4x the cost??
In fact, most 'branded' filters I get come very dirty, and are impossible to get perfectly clean(the way I like my jobs to be), so I end up returning them.

Case in point, I have ~150+ clear glass mods out there, and ~300+ Baader type mods, and every single camera performs exactly like the others. for both AP and daytime!!


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