Wednesday, August 14, 2013

HyperCams & Mods Price List

Latest Price list available here: HyperCams Ordering and Price List *Updated 12/22/16 and  includes Monochrome Conversion prices, and filter mods for M4/3 and many other MirrorLess models, or MILC's (=MirrorLess Interchangeable Lens Camera)!*
Or email me if unable to download/view.
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MonoChrome Conversion Modifications? YES WE DO! ;-)

And on nearly any digital camera you can think of!

This new Monochrome Conversion is perfect for those wanting to get that extra bit of sensitivity and allow 100% of the pixels to capture ANY wavelength (that silicon is sensitive to) you let it!

Literally the perfect application for Astro Imaging, IR and/or UV photography, or anything else you can think of...

Check out the images of our son(and other pics), who was born on 7/21/2013, with my Monochrome converted Panasonic GX1; which is a brilliant (even before the mod, but now even more so IMHO) Micro Four Thirds based camera...I have never had so much fun AND been so happy with the images I get from a camera...and to have a "keeper rate" of ~95% is quite fun! ;-)
MonoChrome Converted Cameras, on Flickr

One thing to note, if you look at the Full Size versions of those images (click on "View all sizes", then "Original") you may notice that the images do not look very noisy anymore...they look more like grain, film-like grain...not "normal" noise...
Which is a brilliant side-effect.. and one to take note on for Astro imaging, especially; as the image will probably have such great SNR that dark frames may be a thing of the past, particularly if you shoot a large number of frames(I suggest >50 at the very least), no matter the exposure's length, and also use dithering between each individual more darks=more time to collect more photons of/from the object!

Just think, the Leica M Monochrome is $8000+!
Why not convert an already brilliant camera into one? you can! and we can help!

Just take a look at my "competitor's" site for some really great info! MaxMax B&W Conversion

But, also check out their prices, which are so out of this world that only the rich can afford it... MaxMax Prices
Not to mention that they ONLY do Canon DSLRs, and only a handful of models...what??
and they will not modify YOUR camera, you have to buy a camera and conversion from thanks..
(but it is your $, do what you like with it!)

We have converted: Canon DSLRs, Nikon DSLRs, Canon/Nikon/Sony P&S, Mirror-Less cameras like the Sony NEX line, or Panasonic and Olympus M4/3 systems, and the Fuji X system...just to name a few ;-)

Or....? Ask! We will do it!

FWIW, the mirror less market is where I have found this to be the sweet spot for this mod...
I hated mirror less at first, said I would never love it as much as I do my HUGE (comparatively) DSLR....and guess what, 9 times outta 10 I grab that Panasonic GX1 to get the shot...
Best camera in the world is the one that is on you...and the one that you actually use!

We strongly suggest you look around the net, or ask us, for info on mono cameras and how they are used, what the mod involves, and whatever questions you may have.
It is not for everyone...but for those that are interested, we think that this will be a great option..especially since the next closest option is 5-10x the cost!!
I do not see how someone can justify charging someone $200+++ an HOUR and sleep well at night...
Not to mention the fact that you will cut your customer base down to a very select few...why?

All of this is IMHO, my 2 cents, and YMMV ;-)

Happy shooting!
Brent Oliver-HyperCams & Mods