Wednesday, August 14, 2013

HyperCams & Mods Price List

Latest Price list available here: HyperCams Ordering and Price List *Updated 12/22/16 and  includes Monochrome Conversion prices, and filter mods for M4/3 and many other MirrorLess models, or MILC's (=MirrorLess Interchangeable Lens Camera)!*
Or email me if unable to download/view.
Thanks, Brent Oliver- HyperCams and Mods - (321)720-8222 -


  1. Hi Brent,

    When I click on the link to "HyperCams Price List *Updated 8/14/2013 and now includes Monochrome Conversion prices!*"

    Instead of the modification prices, I get the Baader accessories price list instaead.


  2. Guys, I am VERY sorry.
    I must have copied the wrong link...I apologize, it should be fixed now.

    Brent Oliver

  3. Still same problem

    Greg B

  4. Another potential customer here. I think the wrong PDF is still being shown (?).

  5. Should be fixed now.
    I update this price list all the time, and sometimes the links get crossed or lost in translation somehow...thanks for keeping me on my toes ;-)

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  7. Hi Brent,
    Is the Nikon D5100 "mono" is available?
    Thanks, David

  8. Hey Brent - congrats on the new job at Harris (I saw your LinkedIn profile, I'll send you a network request). After scouring the net for months looking for info on monochrome cooled DSLR mods, I'm kinda leaning in your direction for a lot of talking to you soon to pick your brain and start nailing down the details of my next camera ;-)


  9. Hi,
    Can you mono an existing Cooled 40D CentralDS?

  10. Hi,

    Do you still do mono conversion? Do you have any Canon 40D or 50D mono for astrophotography (with Baader)?


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  12. Do you still do monochrome conversions?

  13. Can you guys full spectrum mod a Nikon D5300?


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  15. Hi Brent, have you consider installing cooling systems for cameras as well? I have one of your T3i, Juan

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  18. hi, are you still working on Monochrome Conversion?
    What's the price of convert a6000 or a7,thx